Emergency Shelter

The Clarksburg Mission provides emergency shelter to anyone in need.  Commonly referred to as our Welcome Room, we house anywhere from 35-50 people a night.  If you, or someone you know, needs sheltered, contact the Mission today.  In the Welcome Room, we connect people with resources to help them navigate the days or weeks ahead, along with warmth, food and genuine care.

Sober Living Homes

Just as the Men's Sober Dorm, we have a women's Sober Dorm that houses up to 20 women and children each night.  In this dorm, women and children are encouraged towards self-supportive living and are connected to vital community resources and services.  All our dorms provide for active case management from certified peer recovery and life coaches.

Men's Sober Dorm @ Glen Elk

In our Glen Elk campus, we have a Men's Sober Living  Dorm that houses up to 22 men each night.  This dorm requires sobriety, as well as a committment to volunteer community service (onsite or offsite).  These men act as a family, supporting each other as they prepare for their next steps of life and independence.  

Women's Sober Dorm @ Glen Elk

Launched in 2017, the Mission now has two homes dedicated to Sober Living, dedicated to those in active recovery from substance use disorder.  For many, returning home is not a safe option.  In these homes, those recently completing rehab or treatment can continue their recovery with a family of brothers or sisters with the same goal of productive, fruitful living.  Interested living here?  Complete and return the application here!

The food ministry at the Mission is expansive.  We need the support of the public in all we do.  In our food services, we:

- Feed 150+ every day onsite

- Provide almost 12,000 backpacks for school childrens weekend food needs.

- Provide hundreds of holiday food baskets

- Provide hundreds of take-home food orders each week....and much more!

Veterans Shelter

In partnership with the Veterans Affairs, the Clarksburg Mission houses up to 13 male veterans and 3 female veterans each night.  This program has two dedicated, caring case managers who assist our veterans along their road to recovery and toward independent living.  If you are interested, ask your local VA hospital about staying here and join a family that will support you along your journey!  The Veterans Dorms are newly renovated with many amenities.

Food Services

Assistance Services

In addition to our core services, the Mission provides many other forms of assistance daily.  These include hygiene assistance for men women and children, assistance in finding treatment and recovery from substance use issues, crisis intervention, and much more.  Call or stop by the Clarksburg Mission today if you are in need, want to help through volunteering, or just simply need a word of encouragement.  

Parents as Teachers

Our Parents as Teachers programs offers FREE in-home visitation from qualified In-Home Educators that work with families with children (birth to 5yr).  In this program, families will be equiped with resources and coaching to make home a great, fun learning environment for the entire family.  Families enjoy monthly community connection events and many other activities!  If you are interested in signing up, call the Mission today!