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In 1971 Glen Elk was a raucous section of town with homeless veterans of WW II, Korea and Vietnam sleeping in doorways and under the 4th Street Bridge. A group of compassionate, forward thinking and civic minded pastors and business persons purchased and rehabbed our blue building in the center of the block. They hung our Jesus Saves sign and offered emergency shelter and meals to these veterans. In the intervening years services have expanded as has our site. We now occupy buildings along the entire block and have opened men’s and a women’s sober living homes on East Pike Street. Through growth in need and by God’s provision we have we evolved from an emergency shelter and soup kitchen to so much more as a bright light in the darkness. In addition to veterans we serve men, women and children as a Christ-centered community providing love and hope to the lost.


Current Members

Catherine Jones

Jarrod Marozzi

Joy Bennett Jarrett

Ben Randolph

Lisa Watson Hartline

Chris Kinney

John Paul Nardelli

Barbara Weaver

Melissa Loder

Previous Members (102 Years of Service)

Cheryl Morehead

Lotus MacDowell

Maggie Fisher

Tom Betler

Bill Phillips

John Vash


Lou Ortenzio – Executive Director

“God never wastes a hurt” is a good way to look at Romans 8:28. All my struggles, from a family physician who became an early casualty of the opioid epidemic, and my foray into the criminal justice system, provides me with a testimony and a vantage point. From my journey, I can share the rescue I received through the love and hope that only comes from Jesus Christ. I am honored to be a 12-year employee of The Clarksburg Mission and I now serve as the executive director.

Every day, I get to go and work with a great staff who truly loves the Lord and goes above and beyond to share the good news. I am very grateful to work in the Holy Spirit Hot Spot that The Mission is. I get to see miracles happen every day. We are humbled to build the Kingdom through our ministry. Our Christian community is undoubtedly transforming our community. Please come by to see what we are so enthused about.

Carol Baker – (W) Commission Dorm Manager

I have been at the Clarksburg Mission for over 10 years, working in various departments. In our sober dorm it is my job to help the ladies with their second phase of recovery. As they continue to work recovery, we empower them to do job searches and secure gainful employment. After being successfully employed for a period of time and saving money they move on to looking at housing options. Life skills education is key. I love what I do because I get to work side by side with God helping our residents pursue a better life style for themselves and to find His plan for their lives. 

Desi Underwood – Ministry Coordinator

About nine years ago, I moved to West Virginia from Ohio with my husband and five children. Though I was not taught about Jesus as a child, I gave my life to Christ about seven years ago. I used to envy those raised by Godly parents, but I now see that living most of my life without Christ and then experiencing a new life in Christ is a true gift; a gift that gives me the ability to minister to new believers in a way that I may not have been able to otherwise.

When I was in my early twenties, I experienced homelessness. At the time I did not realize, but it was a blessing in disguise. Those memories are what led me to The Clarksburg Mission – exactly where the Lord wanted me to be. Being able to come alongside, and relate to new believers as they find recovery and new hope in Christ is a blessing beyond measure. My life, as well as the many lives the Lord leads to our door, are all proof that God indeed works all things for good for those who love Him.

Melissa Carter – Resurrection Room Manager

Coming to the Clarksburg Mission over 4 years ago I was at that time lonely, unloved, hopeless, homeless and addicted to heroin. I had an encounter with the Risen Christ. My life has been radically changed and I am SO grateful.

I strive to be everything that Harrison County Drug Court, treatment and the Mission staff persons believed I could be…and that God said I was. I try to be the same witness to the people whom I serve. I am grateful for being able to work here and offer the love and hope that only comes from Christ and our Mission Christian community.

Dale Baker – Veterans Program Coordinator 

Those who sacrificed to serve our country more than deserve to not be homeless.  Helping veteran residents find their way to a better life, assist with recovery issues, mental health care coordination,  housing applications, employment, and reconnections  with family. I strive to let our former servicemen and women  see that someone cares about their needs not looking at their past but walking with them into their future a better way of living through Jesus. In addition this job is a blessing to me as I work with God his Son and his Spirit and an awesome  Godly staff who show support and love for all. 


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