How We Help

Compassionate Care

Compassionate Care

Good Shepherd Outreach

For those on the street who are unable to come to our facility, we provide food to Blessing Boxes maintained by local churches throughout the Clarksburg area.  We actively keep these boxes supplied throughout the week for anybody who needs something to eat.  In addition, every Wednesday night, we help staff the Good Shepherd Prayer Tent with our partner ministry, Friends Feeding Friends.  Monthly, as weather permits and on special occasions, we set up the Good News Worship Tent with preaching and music. We also network and contribute assistance to other organizations serving the homeless and vulnerable.

    Food and Supply Services

    The food ministry at The Mission is expansive. We ask for the support from the public in all we do. Our food services:

    • Feed breakfast, lunch and supper to our residents every day onsite.
    • Provide hundreds of holiday food baskets.
    • Perform food rescue from local grocery stores and eating establishments.
    • Support numerous feeding ministries and food order distributions daily.
    • Provides clothing and hygiene products for our residents and for patients in the many detox and treatment facilities in our area.
    • And much more.

    Assistance Services

    In addition to our core services, The Mission provides many other forms of assistance daily. We provide recovery coach assistance in finding treatment and recovery from substance use issues, crisis intervention and much more. Call or stop by The Clarksburg Mission today if you are in need, want to help through volunteering, desire to tour our facilities and see our work or simply need a word of encouragement.

    Recovery Programs

    Recovery Programs

    Resurrection Program

    We have found that a very large majority of those who struggle with homelessness suffer from substance use disorder. While the state and national trend has been a brief detox followed by a 28 day residential program we have found that it takes more time and more tools than that to achieve a life in recovery. In the last year we have begun to offer a free, 18 bed co-ed, 180-240 day residential recovery program, our Resurrection Room.  This program involves two steps. First, we focus upon helping participants develop individualized and personalized recovery plans with accountability; attend in-house and outside 12 steps groups; engage in Bible studies, one-on-one recovery and life coaching and experience life in a therapeutic community. In this dedicated housing area, individuals in recovery will acquire a sponsor and begin to work the steps. Programming is provided by Christian mentors and recovery and life coaches.

    With a recovery plan established, participants shift their focus as they prepare to enter into society as productive citizens and as new creations. While still recovery based,  the focus shifts as men and women head back into the world with a stable income and housing, In this phase, the focus is on obtaining personal documentation such a birth certificates, Social Security Cards and ID’s; completing housing applications; securing gainful employment; developing a budget; and acquiring life skills through instruction and modeling. Connection with Godly mentors, sponsors, life and recovery coaches and local pastors is key. Completion of the program will allow the continuation of an individualized recovery plan, the acquisition of housing and a solid connection to robust outside resources. In addition, graduates remain connected to our Mission Community for continued support.

    We have been able to establish an excellent reputation and working relationships with many detox units, treatment centers, substance use disorder care providers and mental and behavioral health practitioners. We have helpful connections with the criminal justice system, probation and parole, drug courts, child protective service, Jobs and Hope and other valuable resources.  We have close relationships and excellent partnerships with employers, training programs, Workforce, Clarksburg-Harrison Housing Authority, many income based housing options in the area and with landlords. All this affords our resident graduates with the best chances for a fruitful future and a well-rounded, solid and full recovery.

    Application Process-  If you wish to begin the recovery process yourself or are a health care, social service, recovery or criminal justice organization wishing to refer someone fill this form out and hit the submit button.  We will contact you within 24-48 hours to discuss what we can do to help you get started in your recovery.

    You may either complete the form online, email the completed form to or fax the completed form to us at 304-622-6305.

    Application for the Resurrection Room

     Veterans Shelter

     Veterans Shelter

    In partnership with the local Louis A Johnson Veterans Medical Center and the national Veterans Administration we are able to offer shelter housing for up to 18 men and 3 women veterans and a robust range of services. Fortunately, for many years our national administration has determined to do all that it can to end veterans’ homelessness and to improve the quality of life of former service persons. We have dedicated case managers on site able to access all manner of care for our veteran residents. The close physical proximity we have to our local VA and the deeply established relationships we have with all manner of service there allow us to advantage our veteran residents. All of our work with veterans harkens back to our original purposes in 1971. All work now has an eye toward HUD programming toward permanent housing through a HUD program available only to veterans.

    Those interested in participating in our veterans program may contact their local VA facility or contact our case mangers here at the Mission.

    Sober Living Homes

    Sober Living Homes

    Launched in 2017, The Clarksburg Mission has two beautiful homes on East Pike Street in the heart of Clarksburg, West Virginia, that are dedicated long term recovery from substance use disorder. For many, returning home is not always a safe option. In these homes, those recently completing rehab or treatment, the Mission Resurrection Room or Commission dorms can continue their recovery with a family of brothers or sisters with the same goal of productive, fruitful living. Residents will continue to develop strong relationships and demonstrate transparency in their daily lives as they maintain accountability to the therapeutic community in the houses. A consistent theme of honesty and integrity in all things is the goal as we work to develop connectedness and communal responsibility. Through this process, residents will gain growing independence and responsibility, both financially and emotionally, as they become the person they want to be, which i the ultimate goal. Graduation can be accomplished in a tenure of 6 months although residents are encouraged to stay as long as they need up to 2 years.
    While all other Clarksburg Mission opportunities are free to an individual our sober homes have a financial requirement.

    If you or a loved one are interested in living in one of our sober living homes, please complete and return the APPLICATION PACKAGE to or fax it to 304.622.6305. The application package will give you a preview of rules and expectations for all residents. Call ahead referrals or verifications may call Andy Bailey at 304.266.6610


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